Halfway Through Bent LA Challenge

  • by Jennifer Maxwell
So I am on day 15 – HALFWAY through the Bent LA Challenge! I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the last 15 days….
  • I am really impressed with myself – I have a new sense of pride
    • I generally have a lot of doubts about myself and about my abilities. This project has lifted me up and made me feel capable and creative in a way I haven’t felt before.
  • Somehow I am able to come up with a bag everyday with minimal difficulty
  • It helps structure my day
  • It has gotten me out of a depressive slump
  • It's fun to use materials that I bought a long time ago and only used once
  • It’s a creative challenge
  • It makes me want to work harder at other things throughout the day
  • I have made 15 really cool bags!
  • It’s a lot of work!!!
  • I’ve made a lot of great bags and I feel pressure to make another GREAT bag every day
  • It takes up a lot of my time
  • I need to be around Wi-Fi every day in order to post a picture
  • Making a bag on my birthday was kind of a bummer! (LOL)
For anyone keeping score at home, halfway through this experiment I am really happy!
Thank you for following along -15 more bags to come!

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