About Bent LA

About Bent LA

Here at Bent LA, we’ve improved upon the everyday handbag by adding a sophisticated edge. We offer high quality pieces inspired by high fashion but designed to be easily styled into your wardrobe to add a subtle edge to everyday looks.

The easy to style nature of our pieces combined with an edgy twist is a combination that can only be found at Bent LA. We call this style Easy Edge!

Our designs are conceived from simple geometric shapes and blended into a high style aesthetic that is accessible to the everyday wardrobe while also adding a hint of spunk to your daily aesthetic.

Our designs are conceived from cool geometric shapes and are steeped in high style without sacrificing accessibility and versatility.

Bent La aims to foster a community of strong and resilient women determined, driven, and never broken by the roadblocks and obstacles of life; which is why our motto is: “Bent not Broken”

Bent La stands by our core values which are Creativity, Individuality, Accessibility, and Community. 

Our founder Jen Maxwell with The Big Rectangle in Red