The Origin of Bent LA

  • by Jennifer Maxwell

Bent LA is about shape; our bags each represent a different form – sphere, rectangle, and cube. 

I started my career as a 3D animator.  There were no rules – I could use my creativity and create anything!  What I found most interesting was that almost every 3D model I made started out as a cube or a sphere.  These shapes were the basis for this endless world.

We believe that simple shapes are incredibly complex.  Our designs are sophisticated because they are made from very few lines.

Bent LA also represents something more philosophical.  As we go through life, we fall and sometimes think that we will break.  We would love our followers and owners of our bags to be able to step back and realize you are not broken, you are just bent. 

Take your Bent LA bag, and spend the day thinking about how awesome you feel with this bag.  Think about these details; the journey.





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