30 Days, 30 Bags!

  • by Jennifer Maxwell

DAY 30 

I did it! One month of bags - DONE! This bag is a combination of a bunch of other bags that I made. It is the shape of the scraps bag from day 22, it is the same idea of crisscross from day 16, and it is the same material as the ribbons from day 2! I really love it! It has an awesome vibe and the colors are beautiful. I wanted to end the challenge with a bang! Thank you all so much for following my progress! ❤️❤️


DAY 29

This blue patent leather is so amazing! This somewhat simple shape comes to life with this beautiful material and hand stitching! Nice size, nice shape, crossbody.


DAY 28

So a little while ago my boyfriend and I went shopping for leather. He wanted to do a project too so he bought this yellow leather (so cute!). It was never used. 😂❤️ I was over at his house, saw it and was inspired! It immediately made me think of a banana so I made this fanny pack inspired by the banana!


DAY 27

My temperamental sewing machine broke again. I passed these leaves walking around today and thought I could make something cool out of them! It’s a small bag but the strap is made from the stem of the leaves and the colors contrast nicely. Unfortunately it probably isn’t a bag I can use past today, but it was a creative moment!

DAY 26 

My wonderful aunt raises chickens and chickens like to eat! She has tons of their food bags sitting around and sent some to me (as the amazing aunt she is!) They are made out of plastic and some of them are really cool colors! I fell in love with this blue and turned it into an envelope clutch. I hand stitched the whole thing to give it a different look!

DAY 25 

I organized my space a little and found this gorgeous mesh leather! I didn’t want to make anything too complicated because I wanted this leather to be the focal point. So I made this floppy crossbody, one side plain black leather (still beautiful!) and one side this mesh. I’d wear it! But of course I have a soft spot for black leather 😍

DAY 24

Today I have been organizing papers for our upcoming series “Billboard Bags”. These papers were torn from billboards in Paris and we are excited to make bags out of them! As I was going through them, I found these two images - #stormtroopers and what I think is #Deadpool and #hellokitty. I can’t use these images in my new series so I decided to make my bag of the day out of them! Fun circle with iconic imagery!

DAY 23

Today I was inspired by messenger bags (which are everywhere!!). I wanted to take that shape and feeling and make it out of silver leather. The sporty strap helped bring the feel back to the messenger bag.

DAY 22 

I have a lot of scraps! Today I did something really fun - I took scrap pieces of leather and sewed them together without cutting them into different shapes. However they fit - that’s how I attached them. This turned into a pretty interesting textured fabric, which then turned into a funky bag. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

DAY 21 

Small bags are super IN right now so I thought I’d jump in the band wagon! This bag is pretty much the same as the one from day 11, just a different size. Scale is interesting - even though it’s practically the same bag it serves a totally different purpose and has a different effect. It kind of serves as an extra pocket!

DAY 20

I’ve been trying to make a cool triangle bag for a long time. This one has been in my head for a while so I made it today out of beautiful silver leather and a big black zipper. The triangle is an interesting shape and for some reason it’s hard to make something high fashion and not crafty out of it.

DAY 19

I’ve been wanting to make a backpack! I decided to play with scale and make this oversized rectangular backpack. It’s definitely Bent LA!

DAY 18

I found these sheets of hard plastic mesh at the #melrosetradingpost a while ago. I bought them because I thought I could make something out of them, and then I totally forgot about them 😂. I found them again yesterday when I was cleaning my apartment and challenged myself to make a bag out of them. I started by sewing the edges, thinking I would make it a simple pouch. But I loved how the stitches looked so I wanted to embroider something on it. I’ve never made an LA bag before, and we are Bent LA after all!

DAY 17

Today I made a new silhouette with the leather from day 3. Most of the bags I make are very structured so I tried to go in the opposite direction. This bag is very loose and full of movement. It is nice to use the #bentlachallenge to challenge my ideas and thoughts about design.

DAY 16 

I had a little extra time and creativity today! I hand-sewed this high fashion handbag out of strips of thick black leather and a soft gray leather lining. I thought of the idea of the crisscrossing from some of the other bags from this challenge! It’s fun to see ideas building on each other!

DAY 15 

We’re halfway through everybody! I’m watching football, and getting halfway across the field is a pretty good accomplishment! It’s exciting to get towards the end zone!
Today I took this black plastic I had and made this cross body that hugs the body! I love this plastic and it was fun to make something of this scale. It kind of looks like the patent leather from day 9! Enjoy your Sunday 😍

DAY 14

Today I made another option for the fanny pack I made on day 8! As I showed there, and show again here - the bag is totally removable and replaceable! This version is triangular and gold! A little something shiny!

DAY 13 

Green clear plastic back by popular demand! This time in the form of a cylinder beach bag. I’ve never made a cylinder before and it came out pretty cute! I like this plastic for this type of bag - definitely makes it easier to find your things on the beach. The weekend is coming - I hope everyone has their sunscreen! 😂❤️

DAY 12 

I sewed together funky black and white striped straps to form this cute beach bag. It is fun creating my own fabric! I usually focus on shape but today I focused more on the fabric and the texture! It came out pretty cute I’m happy with it!

DAY 11 

I wanted to make a crossbody today but with a little twist (literally!) I took a traditional crossbody bag and turned it sideways. It makes heads turn as they try to understand!

DAY 10

I can’t believe it’s already day 10! This patterned blue patent leather is my favorite material I’ve ever played with. It is just beautiful! I challenged myself to make this shape with as few stitches as possible so it is held together mostly with grommets

DAY 9 

I bought this black patent leather around the time that I bought my sewing machine! When I saw it today, it screamed ‘little handbag!’ I wanted to make it more interesting and more Bent by adding the trapezoid shape.

DAY 8 

Today I made a fanny pack that has been in my head for months! Interesting strap with a detachable pouch. This is my favorite bag so far! 😁😁

DAY 7 

Today is my birthday! I wanted to make something related to the day and got inspired by a gift bag! I made this cute metallic tote - simple but beautiful!

DAY 6 

Playing around with leather scraps - created a funky fanny pack! Red patent leather and white patterned leather go well together. I love being inspired by the materials I have sitting around!

DAY 5 

Thought I’d get back on the shape wagon with this trendy clear pyramid bag. Loving this green plastic almost as much as I love playing with shape!

DAY 4 

So my sewing machine broke! Luckily I have a huge roll of this really cool patterned strap and this fun bright yellow rope. I used them to create this interesting and delicate pouch. I love how creative this challenge is forcing me to be!


Back in LA! I’ve had this leather for a while now but didn’t know how to use it effectively. I took a shot and made this little sack bag! Fun project, even more fun leather!


Still out of LA! I found a basket of ribbon and was a immediately inspired!  I’ve always wanted to try making a woven bag, and so I went for it.


Today I am in Massachusetts, and away from my sewing machine and other materials so I made a small handbag out of billboard papers and rubber bands!
Since childhood, I have been obsessed with crafts! Massachusetts has always been my favorite place to craft so I wanted to incorporate an old arts project that I found hidden away.  This activity is making bracelets out of rubber bands, so I repurposed them!

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