The Purple Challenge

  • by Jennifer Maxwell
My husband and I recently invested in the Purple Mattress (absolutely recommend it by the way) and it came in this huge and amazing purple plastic bag. I kept the bag thinking I could make some handbags out of it, kind of a recycling project. Being home in self-quarantine and having limited access to other resources, I came up with a new challenge: make as many bags out of this purple mattress cover as I can!

Day 1 of the Purple Challenge!

I am obsessed with these sash bags lately! (we will have a sash bag/fanny pack in our upcoming collection!) I love the creativity that comes from working with unconventional materials. Super inspired!

Let us know if this is something you would wear and if it is a shape that we should consider selling!!

Day 2

Today I am playing with structure on a very simple design. The shape of this bag is very common, but the position of the strap is not. My design makes it more comfortable to hold the bag your arm and uses your arm to block the contents from falling out without even using a zipper! 

I challenge all of you to be creative today and during your time at home. Make something! Play around with cardboard from your online purchases. Color in a coloring book. Bake a cake. Think in a way that doesn’t come naturally. Have fun and stay safe!

Day 3

It is no surprise that I love to play with shape! I’ve made cubes, triangles, rectangles, spheres and many others, but I have never attempted a star. Surprisingly, it wasn’t super difficult to conceptualize and construct, but it is not very useful as a handbag 😂😂

However creating something useful isn’t necessarily the goal. The goal is to expand my mind and make something interesting. I believe I succeeded today.

Day 4

I cheated a little today and used some leather. I was inspired by the past two bags to play with a combination of materials.
Here I am bringing together the hard and matte black leather with the shiny and malleable purple plastic.

Something important to think about when designing handbags is how a person would hold it. I have made many little pouches with crossbody straps or short wristlet straps but this leather arm hole was a first! This led to a bag with a long profile and elevated it beyond a purple pouch.

Day 5

Today’s Purple bag is a relatively simple shape, but I am using the color, texture, and material to create something beautiful! This bag is super functional with an element that makes it POP!
Happy Friday everyone!

Day 6

Today I played with shape and texture. The bottom and top of the mattress cover were circles made of purple fabric - I tried to mirror that in this bag. I wanted one side of my bag to be round and one to be rectangular like the plastic! Also awarded myself bonus points for making the handle out of a zipper!

Day 7

Today I just starting cutting! I was planning on combining the fabric from the bottom of the cover with plastic. But once I cut out and folded the bottom piece, I loved it! As I mentioned on day 1, I absolutely love sash bags and this one is particularly fun and different.

Day 8

Today’s bag was less about shape and more about pattern. The white lettering is so powerful that it didn’t need a special shape to stand out.

Day 9

Today I turned a belt into a bag. We have seen tons of fannypacks - a belt that attaches to a bag - but why not have a bag inside the belt? It’s super functional but I’m not sure how good it looks.. what do you think?

Day 10

Today I made my first #purple crossbody. I mixed three materials: the plastic from the case, the fabric from the case, and a striped ribbon that I had. I cheated and used this extra material because it was the best way to make a crossbody. It looks a bit messy for my taste, but it’s was a fun idea!

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