Bent LA Challenge!

  • by Jennifer Maxwell

At Bent LA, we believe that journey should be celebrated.  Not everything has to be perfect everyday (everyone’s journey bends!). It is always important to veer from your routine and celebrate your path.
With this notion in mind, I have decided to take on a challenge! I will be making one handbag every day for the month of September.  Making handbags brings me a great amount of joy. I have found that it also sparks creativity, helps me live in the moment, and is excellent for both my physical and mental health!
Each day, I will see where I am and what mood I am in – and pull materials from my surroundings.  I imagine that some days I will have more time to create more intricate and complicated bags.  And other days, I’m simply going to have to squeeze in a tiny bag (they are on trend!). I can’t wait to get started… I already have ideas flowing!
I will be taking pictures of my bags everyday and posting them on Instagram (@_bentla). If you don’t follow us already, check it out and follow my progress! If you have any cool ideas, send those along too! Even send me pictures of bags you have made!
After the month is up, and I’ve created 30 bags, I will set up a booth at the Melrose Trading Post and sell these one of a kind, bag-a-day designs for $35.
All of my profits will go to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) – an amazing organization at the forefront of mental illness initiatives and education.  NAMI is near and dear to my heart as my personal journey was bent with mental illness and Bent LA grew directly out of that experience.
At the end of the month, I will also be doing a giveaway on Instagram of a Bent LA bag.  The winner can choose between The Sphere, The Rectangle, and The Cube.
I am looking forward to this adventure! Please come along with me!




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