Fashion: Anxiety Relief

  • by Jennifer Maxwell

I have been struggling with a great deal of anxiety for the past few months. I have suffered from anxiety in the past, so I know the deal - exercise, eat well, meditate, etc. but this time that wasn't enough. My therapist recommended that I get really focused on something - he recommended learning how to juggle or playing video games. So I tried! I became a pretty good juggler and my island on Animal Crossing was looking good but I was still feeling anxious. I decided that I needed to get inspired.

I'm sure you know by now that I love fashion - I love everything about it. So I started window shopping (sometimes online and other times staying 6 feet away from everyone!) It was just the distraction I needed. Los Angeles is full of inspiring designers from crazy and wild to sleek and chic. I spent my time fantasizing about wearable art with my jaw dropped.  

I could feel my anxiety lessen. 

Just a little back story here, before I started making bags, I saw a handbag on a shelf in a LA boutique and thought, "I could make that!" Obviously I did, and then I made another, and now we are here.

About a week ago, I had the same thought when I looked at a jacket. "I can make that!" I dream of designing clothing. I am currently in fashion design school and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

Fashion is my calling and it helps me with my anxiety.

It is the reason that I am feeling up to writing this blog this morning.



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